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Thank you for your continued trust and support as I work to represent the men, women and children of the Indianapolis, IN City-County Council District #12

Since I was elected to be your representative on the Council I have served on several committees to monitor city services and spending including the Rules and Public Policy, Economics, Community Affairs and Parks.  During my first two years IChaired the Municipal Corporations Committee and the C.I.B. Task Force to rescue our Convention and Tourism Industry from bankruptcy and the loss of tens of thousands of Indianapolis jobs.  Working with Mayor Ballard, the city has passedhonestly balanced budgets for the past three years.


I have supported local government reform including Assessor and Fire Department consolidation and worked hard to help find money to begin rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure of our city with funds pulled from water utility and parking modernization initiatives. All of these items were accomplished while passing a reduction in local property taxes!


After serving in 2009 as the Majority Whip, I was elected Majority Leader in 2010 and continue to serve in that capacity as well as being the Council representative on the Capital Improvement Board.


A Republican Ward Chairman in Lawrence Township, I have served the G.O.P. as a Precinct Committeeman, Election Day worker, Delegate to the State Convention, and volunteer over the past twenty-seven years.  I am also involved with the National Republican Committee and was honored in the past as one of only two “Outstanding Team Leaders” in the state of Indiana.  Prior to the Council, I was elected to the Lawrence Township Board and represented my area as President of the Board of Finance.

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